Operations and Financial Consulting

With 30 years of business consulting and Entrepreneur investment in Start-Ups. Will advise on actions needed to overt stunted growth. With ongoing reviews and analytical data to increase profits and keep your business competitive.
✸ $250 an Hr

Filing for Local Govt Certification

Would you like to get local Government contracts? Well, there is a way. Becoming Certified is a good way to start attending Bid Meetings. Also if you are a Minority, Veteran, Woman-owned business, Native American you have additional benefits to become certified. No Non-Profits are eligible.

✸ $1,950.00 – For two Counties

Business Plans

A Business Plan that reflects your vision. Business Plans with room to grow and keep track of accomplishments and goals reached. Some businesses stuck at one level but ready to grow to the next will need to update the current BP. Let us help your business grow and work with you through the long haul.

✸ $3000 +

Grant Writing

Work with many Industries from Non-Profit to Government Contractors. Looking to achieve a top-notch level of obtaining the Grant Dollars needed to create, build, expand all areas of Commerce and Public Services.

✸ $$$$ Negotiable %

✸ All the above services will be negotiated by a Contract Agreement and given 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction.